Supplies & Suppliers

Suppliers of Field Gear and Laboratory Supplies for Collecting and Observing Plankton 

  • Aquatic Research Instruments– Sampling equipment and accessories from student plankton nets to plankton splitters. One of few sources of light traps.

  • Carolina Biological Supply– They will send marine plankton samples (collected with 153 µm mesh net) for class use and carry a full line of water sampling gear and water analysis kits.

  • Forestry Suppliers– A selection of nets for class use and a variety of filed gear including Secchi disks, water samplers, and water chemistry kits.

  • General Oceanics Inc.– A designer and manufacturer of oceanographic and environmental testing and monitoring equipment including plankton nets with mesh sizes from 10 microns to 1800 microns.

  • What Is Scientific –  Leave Only Bubbles.– Marine science and curriculum supplies including a variety of nets and items for field use

  • Wildlife Supply Company (WILDCO)– Wildco can supply a wide variety of nets, plankton splitters, counting cells, counting wheels, Henson-Stemple pipettes, and lots more. Geared more for research.

  • Sea-Gear CorporationSea-Gear manufactures a complete line of standard and custom plankton nets and accessories.