Broken-back shrimp (Hippolyte sp.) zoea


hIPPOLYTE lat big 2Hippolyte sp. (broken-back shrimp) late zoeae

Collected: 1-5 km off of Assateague Island, Va in June 2008 and 2009 using an epibenthic sled fitted with a 365 ┬Ám mesh plankton net.

Notes: A number of photos follow with distinctive features of Hippolyte zoeae.

BELOW: Hippolyte late zoea showing diagnostic shape of the dorsal “hump”. The pronounced bend in the abdomen is characteristic of Hippolyte in all stages but occurs in some other shrimps as well. Note the posterior extension of the on the dorsal side of the segment at the bend. The shape of this structure is diagnostic and is not to be confused with actual dorsal spines as seen in Crangon and other shrimp-like zoeae. See Below.

Hyppolyte dorsal hump big

ABOVE: Hippolyte late zoea showing diagnostic shape of the dorsal “hump”

Hyppolyte telson big

ABOVE: The shape and spination on the telson (T) and uropods (U) are also diagnostic under higher magnification

Hyppolyte claw big

Late stage Hippolyte zoea showing an enlargement of a claw not present in earlier zoeae.

Eye shape is distinctive.Hippolyte eyes vent view2a