Hydractinia minuta/minima

Hydractinia minuta (hydromedusa)

Collected: June 2006, <1 km off of Assateague Island, VA. along the bottom at a depth of 10 m using an Epibenthic sled fitted with a plankton net (363 micrometer mesh). Hydractinia is an unusual catch in this location but was one of the more common medusae caught in this sample.

Notes: This is one of the smallest of the hydromedusae with a bell only about 0.3 mm tall. Two virtually identical forms occur: Hydractinia mimima (BELOW) with 4 tentacles and H. minuta with 8 tentacles.

Some feel that these two forms may represent different stages of the same species.


Podocorne_minuta aboral_big

Hydractinbia minuta

Aboral view (from the top of the bell). in this view the 8 tentacles are easy to count even in this fuzzy photomicrograph.

Hydractinia minima (BELOW)