Margelopsis gibbesii


Margelopsis gibbesi (hydromedusa)

Collected: About a kilometer offshore of Assateague Island, VA in early June, 2004, just above the bottom using an epibenthic sled with a 365 µm mesh.

Notes: Margelopsis is remarkable for having a free-swimming hydroid stage. The smaller  structures on the interior may be hydroids budding off from the manubrium. This species is seldom reported in the recent literature, but it was quite abundant in these collections. 

Collected and photographed by: Marilyn Yorgey, Goucher College.

Identified by Dale Calder, Senior Curator (Invertebrate Zoology) in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the Royal Ontario Museum. Note: The classification of this species may be revised since there are contradictions regarding this genus in the literature.