Americamysis bigelowi




 Americamysis bigelowi (mysid)

Location: 5 km offshore from Chincoteague, VA. Depths of 5-7 meters. Caught using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh). Summer 2005

Notes: Collected all year but especially abundant in fall and winter.

Americamysis bigelowi (telson)


1.The second tooracic limb is unusually large and clawlike (below). No other local mysid has this feature.

2. The spination on the telson (median structure between the lateral uropods) is distinctive (left).












am big tel 2 ps big










 BELOW: Americamysis bigelowi (thorax)  

ID Note: The large claws (below) on the second thoracic limb are distinctive and conspicuous on all but the smallest specimens.

 Amer_ant_big copy

BELOW- Brooding female with ventral broodpouch.

Amer big brooding







William S. Johnson, Goucher College