Centropages typicus female

Centropages typicus, female (copepod)

Collected: 5 km off of Assateague, Va in April, 2005 using an epibenthic sled (363 um mesh) towed just above the bottom in 8-9m depths.
Notes: ABOVE: (a) shows what appears to be a colony of stalked peritrich ciliates. These were common on C. typicus in this sample and have been noted on other copepods from time to time.

Centropages typicus (female, posterior)


1. Note the distinctive shape of the last prosomal segment whose spines are symmetrical and point only slightly outward. (In C. haematus females, the right spine points sharply outward.)

2. The urosome is strongly asymmetrical, with a prominent lateral spine.

Collected by W. S. Johnson, Goucher College, Towson, MD