Labidocera aestiva (calanoid)

Labidocera 6-05 dorsal big

Labidocera aestiva (calanoid copepod)

Collected: 1-2 km offshore from Chincoteague, VA: June 2006-2009 using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh).

Labidocera aestiva is the most abundant large copepod in the nearshore sled collections off of Chincoteague and is most numerous during summer.

Collected by: William S. Johnson, Goucher College

Anterior of Labidocera aestiva

ID note: The head is triangular with two conspicuous ocular lenses.

See the posterior enlarged below.

 Labidocera 6-05 anterio big




















Labidocera aestiva posterior

ID Note: Note the spination (caudal setae) pattern .

labididocera telson cmpd big