Metamysidopsis swifti


metamys lat 2 bigMetamysidopsis swifti (mysid “shrimp”)

Collected: Assateague, VA, 500 m from shore using an epibenthic sled fitted with plankton net, 365 micrometer mesh.Notes: Metamysidopsis is most abundant in the surf zone and rare further from the beach.
Collected by: Bill Johnson, Goucher College. Identified by: Dennis Allen, Baruch Marine Field Lab.,University of South Carolina.

Metamys posterior2 big

Metamysidopsis swifti -telson (arrow) and uropods)- lateral view

This lateral view shows the end of the last abdominal segment. The telson (black arrow) appears quite short compared to the long uropods beneath it. This feature is useful in identification.

Metamysidopsis swiftii (telson)

As in most mysids, the telson is the key to positive identification. TheĀ  telson is relatively short with a wide base.

Note the distinctive pattern of very small spines restricted to the terminal end of the telson.

Metamysodop brood pouch big

Metamysidopsis female showing embryos in her ventral brood pouch or marsupium

Collected by Bill Johnson, Goucher College, Towson, MD