Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus

pseudodiap female big

Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus female (copepod)

Collected: 1-2 km offshore from Chincoteague, VA. in depths of 5-7 meters . Caught using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh). Summer 2005.

Notes: Pseudodiaptomus  is one of the most common large copepods in nearshore ocean waters and high salinity estuaries of the mid and south Atlantic coast.

ID  Note the rounded anterior end in the typical lateral view. One of the paired egg sacs is quite small or missing as is usual.

Collected by:W. S. Johnson, Goucher College

pseud female










Dorsal view of female (living) carrying eggs.

Most local calanoid copepods do not carry eggs. Pseudodiaptomus females typically have one egg sac much larger than the other.

Collected by from North Inlet, SC by Paul Kenny Baruch marine lab, University of South Carolina.

Male below.

This living specimen shows pigmentation typical of the species. Upon preservation, the pigmentation often shows as dark transverse bands.

pseud male dorsal