Crangon septemspinosa (sevenspine bay shrimp)


Crangon septemspinosa (sevenspine bay shrimp zoea)

Collected: April, 2005 5 km off of Assateague, VA sampling just above the bottom using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh) in 8-9 m depths.

Notes: This larva has a dorsal spine on the abdomen and thus superficially resembles the ghost shrimps, but ghost shrimps have a long rostrum. The telsons are also distinctive, but change through larval development.

Collected by: W. S. Johnson, Goucher College

Crangon late zoea tail fan showing central telson. Note spination pattern.

 Crangon zVIII-tail fan013

Crangon septemspinosa (early zoea) This is the earliest stage of the sevenspine bay shrimp Crangon that we have collected.

Note that the dorsal spine on the abdomen is tiny at this stage. The bubble-like carapace is distinctive, the very round eyes are not large, and the rostrum is short.

Crangon early abd copy2ABOVE. Early Crangon abdomen

showing tiny dorsal spine


Below: small juvenile Crangon.

Collected: 4 km off of Assateague, VA in a 12 m deep trough using an epibenthic sled fitted with a plankton net with 365 µm mesh.

Notes: These shrimp often swim a few centimeters above the bottom.