Dyspanopeus sp. zoea

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Dyspanopeus sp. zoea (a mud crab)

Location: 5 km offshore from Chincoteague, VA. Depths of 5-7 meters. Caught just above the bottom using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh).

Notes: This is one of the most common crab zoea collected off of Chincoteague and over a wide salinity range in the Chesapeake Bay.

There are a half dozen or more common mud crab species along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Dyspanopeus has a long dorsal spine and a long rostrum (1) that curves up. The rostrum (here curved a bit to the front) is flanked by a pair of long antennules (2).

Collected by: W. S. Johnson
Goucher College