Petrolisthes armatus (Porcelain crab zoeae)

Petrolisthes armatus (green porcelain crab) zoea

Collected: North Inlet, South Carolina, Summer 2015, using plankton nets hung from a dock.Porcellana z 1

Notes: This porcelain crab is believed to be native to Brazil. It was found in south Florida in the 1930s and  has spread widely as an invasive species. In North Inlet, South Carolina, it has displaced the several native species and is by far the most abundant porcelain crab. The adult porcelain crab is a commensal, living in tubes with invertebrates including the large polychaete, Chaeptopterus.

ID Notes. Porcelain crab zoeae are difficult to distinguish. Consult: Maris 19831.

Identified by Dennis Allen, Baruch Marine Lab, University of South Carolina.

Click here to view the megalopa stage of this crab.