Pinnixa sayana (pea crab)

Pinnixa sayana (pea crab zoea)

Collected: 5 km offshore from Chincoteague, VA. Depths of 5-7 meters. Caught using an epibenthic sled (365 micrometer mesh). Summer 2005

Notes: Pinnixa species are among the most common crab larvae in spring and summer Along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts south.  There are at least 3 common species of Pinnixa. The adults are commensal with benthic invertebrates including worms, mud shrimps, and sea squirts.

Pinnixa_sayana_telson_big w arrows

Pinnixa sayana (telson)

ID Notes: The long rostrum, dorsal, and lateral spines are distinctive, but the general shape of the abdomen and telson (1) distinguishes Pinnixa from all other decapod larvae. Note the fleshy lateral lobes (2). Compare to the similar Tumidotheres.

In Pinnixa sayana the width between the terminal spines is narrower than the widest part of the telson.

Collected by: William S. Johnson, Goucher College