Uca (Fiddler Crab) megalops larva

Uca mega dorsal BIG

Fiddler Crab, Uca sp., (megalopa)

Collected: Off of Assateague Island, VA, June 2008 in the surf at a depth of 1-1.5m using an epibenthic sled

Notes. Larvae of many fiddler crabs in the genus Uca  are common in this region. They are difficult to distinguish.

Collected and photographed by: Wendy Allen, Baruch Marine Lab, University of South Carolina

ID Notes:

1. Uca spp. megalopae are much smaller than most crab megalopae in the area, especially Callinectes and Cancer.

2.The rostrum has two rounded lateral lobes and lacks an anterior median spine. It has a central groove or depression. Most other common crab megalopae have a flat rostrum. This groove is most easily seen if the specimen is rocked gently.

Below: Anterior of the Uca megalops


 Uca mega anteriorl BIG