Upogebia affinis

Upogebia affinis zoea (coastal mud shrimp)

Collected: 100 m to 5 km off of Assateague, Virginia in June to August using an epibenthic sled (365 um mesh) towed just above the bottom in 10m depths.
ID Note: Upogebia has  distinctively shaped eyes, especially evident in dorsal view (see bottom image).
Upogebia zoeae can be abundant in some years in this location.

Notes: Upogebia is widespread along the Atlantic coast and higher salinity reaches of estuaries. The specimen shown is a late zoea.

Telson of a late zoea  of the mud shrimp Upogebia

Note spination pattern.

Upogebia afffinis early zoea (telson)

ID Notes: The details of the telson of the early zoea. The slight median indentation on the posterior margin and the spination pattern are useful to distinguish Upogebia from similar decapod larvae.

Note the median indentation has two small central spines in the early stages.


Upogebia affinis late zoea, dorsal view

ID Notes: 1. The rostrum (between and anterior to the eyes) is very broad at the base and appears flattened from a lateral view.

2. The carapace is  short and often projects laterally in preserved specimens, giving the appearance of “wings”.


Collected by W. S. Johnson, Goucher College, Towson, MD