Cavolina sp. (pteropod mollusc)

Collected: 50-80 km offshore from Barnegat, NJ. Depths of >200 meters. Caught while drifting a plankton net at night (365 micrometer mesh) from the back of a boat at night. Summer 2009.

Notes: This small planktonic snail is a relative of Creseis, also in this gallery. The “wings”(at the left) are really a modification of the foot. Here they are fully extended to allow the snail to flap its way through the water. Pteropods are usually found offshore or in occasional nearshore intrusions of ocean waters.

 Collected  by: W. S. Johnson, Goucher College

Cavolina_shell_big 1


Notes: This specimen shows the semi-transparent shell to the right. It contains the body mass (dark area) but cannot accommodate the fleshy head and foot (wings) to the left.