Polygordius sp. (polychaete larva)

Polygordius big

Polychaete larva (Polygordius sp.)

Collected: In a plankton tow off the dock of Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience dock just south of St Augustine, Florida, Jan. 23rd, 2013.

Notes: Polygordius larvae are some of the most unusual among polychaetes. This is a post-trochophore stage is called an “exolarva” with segments added to the posterior end. Like the adult, larvae lack parapodia.

Various species of Polygordius occur from MA south to FL. Larvae were also collected  off of the mid-Atlantic coast some kilometers offshore.

Collected By: Dr. Clare Bailey, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, Univ. of Fla.

Identification confirmed by Dr. Patricia Ramey-Balci,  Research Council of Turkey Marmara Research Center Environmental Institute-Marine Group