Submission Instructions: Tricks and Techniques, New information, For the Teacher                                                           

Want to share your field, lab, or classroom activities with others? We will be happy to give you recognition for all contributions. Contact us at [] with:

  • Your name and school or organization
  • Recommended grades or ages of students
  • Description of the activity and exercise including, where appropriate:
    • List of supplies needed, including software.
    • List of a few useful references, if needed.
    • Photos, diagrams, and sample spread sheets or graphs as needed

We are happy to post original images, videos, or written materials. Copyright considerations prohibit use of materials from other sources without written permission.

 Submission Instructions: Creature Feature and Photo Gallery

Send a photograph or brief video clip to []. Video clips should be in MPEG format and no longer than 10 seconds. Photos should be in JPEG format. Please include the following information:

Collection Information

  • Location. Be as specific as possible
  • Date
  • Depth, temperature and salinity data if available
  • Gear used, including mesh size
  • Notes on appearance, behavior or other items of interest
Photographic information:
  • Photographer or source of photo
  • Notes on the Microscope and camera used
  • Special lighting, settings, or other techniques
  • What do you think the creature is?
  • Source of identification
Submitted By: