ZPKonline FAQ's


Where are you based?

ZPKonline is an online based store, our main office is based out of New Zealand


Where do you ship from?

ZPKonline ships from New Zealand and works with fulfilment warehouses in

  • China
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand

What is your store currency?

ZPKonline is based in New Zealand so our default store currency is in NZD. We do provide currency converter on our site to make it easier to convert to your local currency. ZPKonline store checks out in NZD but you will be charged in your local currency at the correct exchange rate at the time of purchase.

We have preloaded our store with our most popular currencies

  • New Zealand – NZD
  • Australia – AUD
  • United Kingdom – GBP
  • Canada – CAD
  • United States – USD


Do you ship internationally?

Yes ZPKOnline supports international shipping we provide free shipping and online support with shipping queries. Please head over to our Shipping Policy Page for more information on shipping.


How soon will my Order Ship?

ZPKonline works 7 days to get all your orders fulfilled and shipped out on time. This can take 1-3 business days, but we work hard to get your order fulfilled on the same day. There could be delays but we will keep you updated via E-mail if there are any changes to shipping. More information on our Shipping Policy page.




Do you have a return Policy?

Yes ZPKonline does offer a 30 day return Policy, if something has gone wrong with your order please contact us via E-mail and we will work with you to resolve the issues. For more information on our Return Policy please head over to our Return Policy Page.


For more information or to ask a question E-mail:  support@zpkonline.com