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Silicone Baby Bowl

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22 Colours Too Choose From!

This Baby Silicone bowl is just perfect for all young ones as its made from soft food grade silicone which is soft on your babys mouth and is finished with a nice natural wooden spoon handle that helps prevent bacteria. All materials are BPA free and FDA Certification  


These Bowls are also parent friendly as they have a suction cup base to help it stay firmly to the table and prevent the bowl from falling off and making a mess, the high back also helps prevents food spillage,  the bowl is also high and low temperature resistance up to 220 degree C which means it can be heated in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher, making meal time that much easier  




Bowl = 8.5cm H x 12cm wide

Spoon = 14cm long x 3.5cm wide

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